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                US ties with Taiwan region harm China-US military relations: Defense Spokesperson


                來源:China Military Online責任編輯:Wang Xinjuan
                2021-10-28 17:24

                北京10月28日電 -- 中方堅決反對美國與中國臺灣地區進行任何形式的官方往來和軍事聯系。任何仰人鼻息、挾洋自重,阻撓國家統一和民族復興的圖謀終將失敗,一名國防部發言人周四在例行記者會上表示。

                BEIJING, Oct. 28?-- "China strongly opposes any official contacts and military ties between the US and China's Taiwan region. Any attempt to obstruct national reunification and rejuvenation by slavishly soliciting and depending on foreign support is doomed to fail," said a Chinese defense spokesperson at a regular press conference on Thursday.


                According to reports, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authorities of China's Taiwan region have repeatedly hyped up Taiwan's military ties with the US. Especially recently, Taiwan’s so-called “Army Commander” led a delegation to visit the US, during which they attended the annual meeting of the Association of the US Army and met the personnel from the US defense department and military.


                "We have expressed serious concern and lodged solemn representations to the US side, urging the US side to make clarifications to China," said Senior Colonel Tan Kefei, a spokesperson for China's Ministry of National Defense.


                Tan mentioned that, for some time, some Americans have violated the political commitment of the one-China principle, constantly played the "Taiwan card" , and sent extremely wrong signals to the "Taiwan independence" secessionist forces,which has resulted in a seriously negative impact on the relations between the two countries and two militaries, as well as the peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.


                "If the US continues to stubbornly hold to the illusion of making an issue out of Taiwan so as to contain China, and attempts to substantially improve the military ties between the US and Taiwan region in the "salami-slicing" approach, China will resolutely take countermeasures and fight back," Tan said.


                The historical task of complete reunification of our country must be and will be realized. The Chinese PLA will take all necessary measures to stop the interference by external forces and secessionist actions by the “Taiwan independence” force, and resolutely safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity, Tan stressed.



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